What is an Internet domain?

One of the first steps when starting your web project will be to register a domain. But what are domains and what are they for? Don’t worry, you won’t have to buy a “virtual land”, or become a feudal lord. Next, we tell you all about the domains.

When you start any project on the Internet, you will start to come across words and concepts that you probably do not have very clear about its function or its usefulness: Domain registration, domain extensions, hosting services, web design, etc.

From Computerhoy.com we will try to shed some light on this complicated, but at the same time interesting, issue. But let’s go step by step. At the moment, discover the importance of one of them: Internet domains.

What is a domain?
Simplifying it a lot, the domain would be the unique and exclusive name assigned to your website on the Internet. It would be something like the equivalent of the license plate of your car, but applied to your website.

Thanks to the domain that you have linked to your website, those users who search for you on the Internet by the name of your website will easily find you and will be able to access your content.

The domain is used to “humanize” the Network and make navigation easier and more accessible to people.

We assume that you will find it easier to remember, for example, the domain computerhoy.com than the twelve digits that an IP address can contain multiplied by the dozens of portals and web pages you visit daily.

Obviously, operation at a technical level is somewhat more complex than that, since what is really behind a domain name is an address to a DNS server (the acronym for Domain Name System), than to its Once linked to the IP address of the computer where the files that make up your web page are hosted, thus creating a link between the domain name that users type in their browser to find you and your web page.

That is, if for example, you have your web page hosted in a free hosting service, and you want to improve the performance of your web page by changing it to a company that offers you servers with better performance, you will only have to migrate the files of your web to the new service and configure the domain to point to the address of the new server. But your domain name will remain exactly the same for those who look for you on the Internet.

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